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My courses are approved by both the Florida Board of Massage Therapy as well as  the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education  provider.                                             

The cost of all courses are $395.00 each, and as a bonus the 6 hours of the Florida mandatory courses (Ethics, Laws and Medical Errors ) will be included .

CEU Breakdown :

14 Hands on CEUs

4 Home Study (practicals)

6 Fl. Mandatory Home Study

Total of 24

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Bring a friend or colleague to also take the course and you both get $25.00 off.



What is the LuminEssence FaceLifting massage? It is a combination of massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, and acupressure points to assist in regenerating collagen and elastin tissue which helps to tighten, tone and firm your skin while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. The use of hot towels to help melt your stress away and the signature banana leaves to add to a treatment that will leave you grounded and glowing.This 60 minute pampering treatment includes massaging your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet for a full body experience.     

Why become a LuminEssence FaceLifting Massage™ Specialist?

  • Results are seen in one treatment which brings repeat business

  • Adds a service to any massage practice that is unique

  • Makes you more valuable as an employee

  • Opens opportunity to attract clients that enjoy facials

  • Expands practice to a rapidly growing beauty market

  • Creates opportunity for retail sales

  • Sets you apart from other therapists


“I enjoyed Ellie’s Facial Massage class very much.  I learned alot about how focusing on the facial muscles can result in a deep relaxation session for a client.  I loved the choice of products she uses right down to the banana leaves and tea bags.  It was at this point I slipped into my most relaxed state.  The additional massage that accompanies the facial increases the overall effect and I find it uniquely thought out.  The face looks incredibly relaxed, toned and more youthful at the end of the session and is sure to “Wow” your clients.” Lyn M. Sinclair, LMT 
“Thanks for a really great class.  I loved the reality of a small class with such individualized instruction.  My clients are enjoying the LuminEssence Facelifting Massage and frankly, so am I as I am using my newly learned techniques everyday on my own face. Once again, Thank you.”  Faith Single
LuminEssense Face Lifting Massage class was a delightful surprise. It was fun, informative, clearly presented and relaxing!!!!!!!!!!
The products are TOP NOTCH.  What a great way to earn CEU’s!   Oh, and did I mention, nicely affordable?????”  Diane Marie
I have been a student of Ellie Sandler for her LuminEssence Facelifting
Massage Facial.  Not only was it a service I could use right away, but
my clients love it as well.  Ellie is an educated instructor holding
more than one professional license, which through this, she could
incorporate into the teaching different perspectives for the treatment.
  Ellie broke down the technique in a way to help you understand how and
why it does works so you can pass that along to your clients to make
that educated choice. I hold several professional licenses myself and I
am always looking for up-to-date treatments to offer clients.  I look
forward to additional instruction from Ellie as I know she has some in
the works!
Margie Stephens, owner, operator:
Permanent Makeup and Skin Rejuvenation by Margie
Hi Ellie!
I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience this weekend.  Your class is awesome and I am really looking forward to using your technique.  All in all, your passion for all things massage and wellness really carry through and elevate the class to much more than just continuing education credit.  I really enjoyed meeting Deloris as well and look forward to keeping in touch with you both!

Thanks again!

Beth A. McCartney


  LuminEssence FaceLifting Massage™ Course


                                 Fort Myers

May 16th & 17th, 2020

September 18th & 19th


June 27th & 28th 2020

If these dates don’t work for you call me and we will see what we can create.

I can create a class for you in Fort Myers if you have at least 3 people.

If you have 6 people I can come to you.

If you are interested in doing this course please email me and I will make sure to get you on my mailing list.               

NCBTMB #451564-11            Florida #50-12150

       FaceLifting Massage Technique             Beyond LuminEssence

I am pleased to announce that I will be offering an advanced course of the LuminEssence FaceLifting Massage. A more detailed look at the facial muscles and how they causes those pesky wrinkles. We will be looking at the role of Fascia and learn some advanced techniques to help to tighten and tone. 

Prerequisite: The LuminEssence FaceLifting Massage Course

Fort Myers

August 15 & 16th 2020


This is a 80 minute treatment where a series of essentials oils are dropped on the back to create a calming of the central nervous system, combined with massage and energy work to align the energy centers of the body. Essential Energy massage is a healing technique using pure essential oils. This treatment combines aromatherapy, massage, tuning forks and moist heat to create healing and cleansing through structural and electrical alignment to the body. The purpose of the therapy is to bring total balance, harmony, and over all well-being.


Thanks so much the awesome tuning fork and energy workshop, it was nice and refreshing and easy to incorporate into what we already do, I’m excited to use these extra tools in my work, thanks for you beautiful energy and passion for our work. Love and light.  Candace Tranter Cool

 I loved this class. You made it very interesting. Thank you so much. This treatment will be a great asset to my practice.  Tina Marie

 Great class Ellie. I had no idea how cool the tuning forks are. Looking forward to taking your face lift class next.   Sharon West



                Essential Energy Massage ™     

                              July 18th & 19th, 2020                                                              

If these dates don’t work for you call me and we will see what we can create.

I can create a class for you in Fort Myers if you have at least 3 people.

If you have 6 people I can come to you.

NCBTMB #451564-11            Florida #50-12150

NCBTMB #451564-11            Florida #50-12150

Advanced Vibrational Therapies for Health and Wellness

Learn profound techniques designed to bring relaxation, homeostasis, release and wellness to the physical, emotional and spiritual functions of
the body. This class includes chakra clearing, balancing and activation as well as using various techniques such as sound therapy, healing touch/energy techniques which include many other vibrational therapies.
You will learn how to deeply listen to the body and where it is holding onto unhealthy patterns that are causing dysfunctions to better help your clients achieve their goals of health and wellness.
This class will provide massage therapists with new techniques that will enhance their clients as well as their own well being.

Florida #50-12150      This class in not NCBTMB Approved

Fort Myers

August 8th & 9th

To leave a deposit click here.  I will contact you to get your information and class date.



LuminEssence FaceLifting Massage Student Kit: $85.00

                               They will be available at the course.

2 oz Limu Facial Cleanser
2.5 oz Microdermabrasion Creme
2 oz Mud Mask
1 oz Manuka Honey
2 0z Pumpkin Papaya Masque
2 oz Vital Hydrant Toner
2.5 oz Advanced Protection SPF 30




Deposit: A $50.00 deposit per class is required at time of registration. Credit cards accepted are: MasterCard and Visa.

Payment: Full payment is required no later than the day of scheduled class

Cancellation of reservation: One week before the class if you cancel a class the deposit will be credited towards another CEU class. Less then one week notice the deposit will be forfeited.